Sunday, April 27, 2008

Finally Getting Healthy...

According to the Centers for Disease Control, almost two of every three American adults are overweight. This number has grown from about one in two about twenty years ago and continues to increase. It is obvious that the American lifestyle has become more sedentary and the rates of diabetes and heart disease have increased proportionally. Our generation needs to be the ones to change this trend or we may become the first generation to have a lower life-expectancy than the one before it.

If you watch television, you are bombarded by ads for weight-loss programs and diet drugs that promise drastic weight loss in a short amount of time. While these programs do work for some people, most people will not achieve the results promised in advertisements. The reason for this is that people expect to be able to lose weight only working out for twenty minutes three times a week. We want to lose weight and become healthy while putting forth the least amount of effort possible.

This entire idea contradicts itself; maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires a lot of effort. It’s easy to be unhealthy in our society. Unhealthy food is often cheaper and better tasting than healthier alternatives. Exercise is neglected by most people as we look for more ways to be lazy.

The root of this entire problem is that getting healthy is almost entirely self-responsibility. The effort has to come from within; no one can control what you eat or exercise for you. A lot of people believe that they are so out of shape that there is no way they will ever get back to where they should be. However, the truth is that anyone who is willing to work at it can lose weight. The first step is usually the most difficult. You will find that once you get into a routine, you will stick to it and you will actually enjoy being able to get out and exercise.

When it comes to eating right, moderation is the key. It is near impossible to eat healthy all the time because temptation is everywhere. Therefore, self-control when eating is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Just taking smaller portions will go a long way.

At this point, some people may be wondering who I am to say that all of this will work. This is me when I was in eighth grade.

I was five feet, two inches and weighed 160 pounds. I was nearly clinically obese. Now I am five feet, eleven inches and weigh 160 pounds which is right where I should be.

I won’t say that getting healthy was easy. It took years and a good deal of effort on my part to get healthy. But it’s not impossible. The benefits go beyond reducing health risks. I feel better about myself and I love being able to get up and exercise.

Getting healthy is possible for everyone. And once you get yourself in shape, you’ll wonder how you lived being unhealthy.

500 words exactly.


Barbara said...

I think you wrote an excellent post, and your picture really does prove the point of what you wrote.
Stylistically, I would just suggest proofreading for spelling errors. Also, although your topic was very clear, I think your very last sentence would work well in the beginning.

Kyle Wimer said...

Great start to your post. Having shown that you experienced the weight loss it makes the post even better. I would just proof read and look over it for some minor changes.

Maxx said...

I agree with what you said about weight loss and staying in shape coming from within. Not only is losing weight hard, but keeping it off is a task as well. A lot of people wake up and think that doing a little work will go along way but that's never the case. Personally, I haven't ad trouble losing weight due to my constand athletic commitments; it's putting weight on that I've had trouble with for years. My only suggestion is for you to maybe go back and try to put a few more personal notes in the beginning of your post, rather than saving it all for the end.

JOE said...

cool post. I always have problems with issue like this. I am a rather large guy and i was curse with an early growth spurt. I was 150 lbs in fifth grade and was 5'3 however by the time i in eight grade i had already reached the height i am now. Coupled with the horrible stresses of middle school and moving onto high school i was doomed. I am now 6'2 285 lbs. I lost wight for a year but i was again faced with college. Stress tears apart my habits. It is not that easy for everyone. Still this was a great article.

Nadia said...

Good essay, and very true. It is sick how big compaines sell healthy foods for higher prices and encourage fatty, unhealthy foods and sell them for cheaper. I know some people who are in your same situation (almost obese in middle school) and are very healthy now and are proud of it. I think you can reach out to many people with your essay and give them a little push. However, I sugguest pushing it a little further and giving people some more encouraging thoughts.

Matt Jones said...

Good topic. Another "oh crap America sucks at policing itself" post. (I'm enjoying them) The personal experience adds to the credibility of the prospect for success. Although your out of words I might recommend a few simple helpful tips to start down the road to a healthier individual, maybe some of the things that helped you.

American Studies 100 said...

Interesting topic, can definitely relate to your childhood situation. Your essay seemed genuine with the story. Good start just make the minor changes everyone else has commented on.

Charlie Rubenstein said...


I loved your essay. Thanks for the picture. Your piece really works because it was, in many ways, about you. You have had a positive experience becoming a healthier young man and I wish more people were reading this than just us in class. What is happening with our personal health is certainly becoming a public issue. 76% of all of our spending on health is related to heart disease and diabetes. We need to start providing and requiring better physical exercise and nutritional options for our nations children. I'm glad you are calling us out.

American 100 Tsalmani said...

Great essay, and I completely agree with you about the reasons for weightloss and keeping it off. I believe the pictures really helped illustrate your point, and outside of a few grammatical errors, I believe your essay projects a great message and I really hope it inspires other people to lose weight.

Christine said...

I really liked your essay. It was well written except for a few mistakes. I really liked how you included the picture of yourself to prove your point! I think a lot of people really do want to lose weight but some may feel like they don't have time. Maybe you could include how you worked that out?

Alex said...

Colin, your achievements and PR's in xc/track this year have definitely demonstrated your ability to dedicate yourself to living this healthy lifestyle that we all strive for. In your essay, the opening paragraph was a great hook to grab the reader's attention; right from the beginning, I wanted to hear what you had to say next! Also, the cute photo added a unique personal touch that contributed very well to the rest of your essay.

Though I may be missing your exact thesis statement, I'm assuming that your belief is the importance of healthy habits in diet and activity?? When was this belief tested in your personal experiences? Did a particular event trigger a need for change, or was it more of a gradual process? How has running contributed?

Also, 500 words exactly? Very nice... I usually have trouble sticking within the word confines, so I am hoping you were lucky enough to have hit this mark without much effort in editing!